Outside The Waistband Holsters (OWB)

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 The Outside The Waistband Holster is a full size holster has a closed end on the bottom of the holster and a sweat shield to protect the firearm. It has retention adjustable so that you can set the retention that is best for you.

 There are 2 styles of belt loops that I offer for this holster. The first one is a standard belt loop that comes in 2 sizes 1.5 inch and 1.75 inch. The pancake Loops come in 3 sizes 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches and 2 inches. The pancake loops also allow for less printing. With the pancake loops and the curved body of the holster makes it great for concealment or open carry (where legal). It is made on a curved jig and comes with a straight draw or a foreword cant draw.

 Colors Black & OD Green there is no extra charge. All other colors will have an an additional cost. To order other colors click on the Colors Page. Solid colors are $5.00 extra and Carbon Fiber colors are $10.00 extra.

 Shipping is free.